Falcon Project and Take My Muffin partnership

(Nov 17, 2021) by Dmitriy aka Lavrus

We can all admit we are children at heart and many of us adore cartoons, especially if these are mature cartoons for adults! Um... No, this cartoon is not the typical kind you may think of. This is a super progressive, brain-breaking animated sitcom where a three-eyed cat, a unicorn, a talking potato and other characters build successful (or maybe not) startups worth millions of dollars! All this is flavored with a large portion of modern satire, on the edge humor and, as usual, moderate cruelty. In general, something we all may love! Cool right?! 

Now it begs the question — what does the blockchain have to do with it? The blockchain, in fact, is the very foundation of the project. To begin, this is the world's first animated series produced in collaboration with the crypto community and by the professional animation studio Toonbox!

In case you didn't know, Pavel Muntyan is the man behind the Toonbox brand!

Pavel is an incredibly enthusiastic, extraordinarily intelligent man who tries to be one step ahead in everything. Wikipedia tells us that he is also a figure in Russian animated cinema, animator, screenwriter, co-founder and evangelist of the Virtual State of Freeland. It looks like he knows his business!

At this stage, it should already be clear that the Toonbox studio, even without the blockchain, is an experienced team that has been delighting us with its cool cartoons for a good 20 years.

So why do they need blockchain?

Attention! Spoiler!
This project is not like the ICO that Rock* launched in one of the episodes of the first season.

* - Rock is a key character in Take My Muffin. Unprincipled, cynical rogue and adventurer. And part-time leader of the company.

The writing and ideas of Take My Muffin have been taking shape over the past three years since the idea was born. The deeper the animated series dove into the concept of blockchain, the deeper the blockchain penetrated into real life, becoming an integral part of the Take My Muffin world. How could a cutting-edge satirical animated series about startups and blockchain be anything but great?

Here you have an NFT, which when purchased you will not only receive a professionally created non-fungible token, but also automatically become a member of the project itself. In doing so you will have received an airdrop of TMM management tokens to your address. From now on, you will be able to participate in votes for certain decisions in the animated series.

I don't think you will be allowed to kill the main character in the middle of the season, but making him pick his nose in the fifth minute of the third episode sounds quite real.

Toonbox's NFTs are very diverse and available on both the Ethereum network and the Binance Smart Chain.

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