DR. NOPER collection on Binance

Just in 6 hours, a collection of NFTs called DR. NOPER will be available on Binance, which includes exactly 100 unique NFTs (all shown in the picture). The price per unit is 0.6 BNB. All tokens can be found in the Take My Muffin opening titles of the first 2 episodes. For each NFT token, it will be possible to receive a drop of 20 TMM by leaving a request on the TMM Discord channel.


Dr. Noper is one of the characters of Take My Muffin animated show. A genius scientist-engineer, Dr. Noper rebelled against the scientific community and fell into a downward spiral that landed him on Rok’s team as their lead scientist and chief pain in the ass. Whatever anyone wants, he’s against it — if only out of principle. When Noper gets bent out of shape his head actually detaches itself from his body until he gets things back the way they should be – his way.