MOJO @ Binance

Just in 6-7 hours, a collection of NFTs called MOJO will be available on Binance, which includes exactly 100 unique NFTs (all shown in the picture). The price per unit is 0.6 BNB. All tokens can be found in the Take My Muffin opening titles of the first 2 episodes. For each NFT token, it will be possible to receive a drop of 20 TMM by leaving a request on the TMM Discord channel.

MOJO is one of the characters of Take My Muffin animated show. A hulking spud with super strength and the intellect of a child, Mojo is the company’s security force. His guiding pesticidal joint is always burning to keep him living in the moment, flowing gently down the steam. He loves a good laugh, but is too sincere to comprehend sarcasm.