Who is Pete?

On Friday we've started the most incredible collection of TMM ever — TMM Collectible Cards! All the TMM cards were minted in only 3 copies. The same rule we'll keep for the whole collection and all the characters. And today you have a unique chance to get a card with PETE — one of the principle antagonists of the TMM team that will appear in the 2nd episode and will play a very important role in the whole show!


A former director of trash porn, Pete is now the CEO of «Go Mara, Inc.», a leader in the sex industry. One of the principle antagonists of the TMM team, Pete’s past is deeply intertwined with one of the start-uppers. When a business opportunity brings them face-to-face with each other once again, the past and present collide with no way they can both get out of it unscathed.