Bluelight Aims to Gamify the Take My Muffin

Blockchain games are nothing new. In fact, CryptoKitties, which was one of the earliest examples of what is considered a blockchain or crypto game, went live five years ago, in 2017. The game that tightly clogged the adolescent Ethereum blockchain and had its popularity spread way outside the world of crypto adherents, was based on a relatively easy concept of unhackable, unique assets that were bought, sold, and traded in-game.

Today NFTs are nothing surprising but at the moment they were launched, CryptoKitties appeared revolutionary. Just as the Tamagotchi eggs decades prior to that, virtual cats had to be bred and later could be sold. Those Pokemon-alike digital pets were sold for hundreds and thousands of dollars, with the most expensive one, a pale purple kitty named Dragon, trading for an astonishing price of 600 ETH.

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